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Medical Profile: Stonehenge of Orem

Stonehenge of Orem’s therapy services are as quality as they come. Maybe more. This private room facility specializes in short term rehabilitation for patients between hospital and home. The service, which draws its name from the believed healing powers of the original Stonehenge in England, gives patients just that — healing.

Stonehenge patients, who enjoy five-star hotel quality rooms and food, work with cheerful, qualified therapists who help get their bodies back to their bests. They offer physical, occupational and speech therapy six days a week.

“We treat all conditions, but we see a lot of post-op orthopedic patients — knee replacements, hip replacements, that sort of thing,” says Todd Lowder, director of therapy.

The therapy staff was hand-picked to focus on customer service with a smile.

“We provide a ‘Disney World Approach’ where customer satisfaction is number one,” says administrator Chris Yeates.

Stonehenge’s state-of-the-art exercise room houses a seated CPM machine that helps patients achieve lasting results fast.

“One patient said that using the machine trimmed his recovery by a whole week. When he had his other knee done, he didn’t have access to this technology,” Todd says.

With the help of this equipment and their therapists, patients regain skills like walking, balancing, using fine motor skills, swallowing and speaking.

“We have a lot of continuity of care,” Chris says. “Our therapists stay with us, giving patients opportunities to come back and repeat their positive experiences.”

And the Stonehenge staff keeps in touch. Follow-up phone calls are made regularly with 94 percent of patients who are recovered enough to return home after their stay.

“Coming to Stonehenge makes all the difference in the world,” Chris says.

Free Medical Tip: With attentive nursing and proper medications, post-op therapy training will speed up recovery time, increase success rates and minimize complications.

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