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Our Story


Stonehenge has been an archeological mystery for hundreds of years. Archeologists have many theories about how and why it was built. New evidence suggests that it was a place of healing.

This was the inspiration behind our name.


We strive to be the best place for healing; a place for people to come and heal in comfort, surrounded by a caring staff who are dedicated to their successful recovery.

Our Mission


To provide the highest level of compassionate patient care services to each and every patient.

To assist them to obtain their highest level of functioning in

a warm, clean, and friendly environment.

To treat each patient and family member with respect and dignity.


Stonehenge is a place of healing.

What people say...

​On behalf of my mother and my entire family we want to thank you for the superior care you rendered while she was a resident at Stonehenge. As an employer of a rather large enterprise, I know how important hiring the right people for the right position can be to the success of any venture. You might say I became your "in-house spy" as I came in and out sometimes as many as five or six times a day.

As my visits turned from days to weeks, I was continually impressed with the incredible staff you have gathered in such a short amount of time. Their level of professionalism, true sense of caring and competence is outstanding and I believe you have set the stage for a remarkable future for Stonehenge.
Thank you, again, for your service to us.

Stonehenge Corporate Offices

36 South 400 West, Suite 101
Orem, Utah 84058

Tel: (801) 960-9000

Fax: (801) 607-2318

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