Frequently Asked Questions


What is Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 or older or those under 65 with certain disabilities or end stage renal disease. Medicare helps cover the costs for hospital admissions, skilled nursing facilities, home health care and hospice care.

How is my stay paid for?

Each Stonehenge location is a skilled nursing facility and all patients who come are able to use their Medicare benefit. Medicare can pay up to 100 days in the skilled nursing facility. Not all patients can use their 100 days as Medicare only pays for daily skilled nursing or daily rehabilitation. Our Social Worker or Director of Nursing will keep you informed on how long the patient will be permitted to stay. Please review the following chart for Medicare deductible and co-insurance information:

Days 1-20 Medicare pays 100% - no deductible or co-insurance

Days 21-100 Co-payment required of $170.50 per day (2019 rate).

Many times the patient will have a secondary insurance and they will often pay the co-insurance amount. We can assist you in this process at time of admission.

Each Stonehenge facility has contracts with most of the major health care plans. Ask us and we will be able to tell you what your plan covers and if there will be any deductible or co-insurance that you may have to pay.

When are visiting hours?

Because most rooms are private, Stonehenge does not have any mandated visiting hours. We encourage visitors to stay and visit as frequently as they would like. We do lock the exterior doors later in the evening for security reasons, but you can still exit the facility at the conclusion of your visit.

Do you have telephone and cable TV?

Each room is equipped with a private telephone line with its own phone number for incoming and outgoing phone calls. We encourage you to share your phone number with family and friends or whomever you like. We also offer 30 cable TV channels for your enjoyment.

If I have a question about my loved one, whom do I talk to?

Generally, you can talk to the charge nurse. They may defer your question to a department head or therapist as appropriate. You are always welcome to talk to the Administrator for any questions or concerns.

What type of services do Stonehenge facilities offer?

For short-term care: Each facility is for those patients who will come primarily for a short stay to recover from an illness or injury. Daily physical and occupational therapy is an important service that most patients receive. If needed, we also offer the services of a Speech Therapist. For long-term care: Each patient recieves 24-hour nursing care associated with all activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, 3-meals per day, snacks social and physical activities, housekeeping, laundry, local transportation to/from medical appointments and more. Also, we can care for patients that require many nursing services including IV’s, feeding tubes, and diabetic care. For more information, please visit our Services page.

When I am ready to go home will someone assist me with discharge planning?

Our facility's Social Worker will work with you and your family member to see that you have all the amenities needed for a safe transfer home. This can be done by setting the patient up with a home health company, out-patient rehabilitation services, and durable medical equipment (such as a hospital bed).

Can I bring food from home for my loved one during their stay?

Outside food is usually allowed. However, before you bring food into the facility check with the nursing staff or dietary manager because many of our patients must follow a special diet for health reasons.