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Stonehenge arrives in Orem

"Motorists cruising near Center Street and 400 West in Orem in recent weeks may have made a double take upon glimpsing a newly erected large-scale replica of the iconic prehistoric monument Stonehenge in England.

But the 198,000-pound fixture isn't part of a traveling art exhibit or the theme of a new children's park -- it's the centerpiece of the new transitional skilled nursing facility at 435 W. Center St., appropriately named Stonehenge of Orem.

Boasting private rooms and an upscale resort-like atmosphere, the facility is owned by Mapleton stone mason Cory Robison and a business partner. It has a 23,000-square-foot center with mostly private rooms, dining and visiting areas, and a one-of-a-kind three-story tall rock and wood fireplace in the lobby constructed by Robison.

Robison, who also designed and built the replica Stonehenge that is 40-percent to scale of its namesake, said it's made out of petrified sandstone, a material..."

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