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UtahValley360: Stonehenge of Orem

For thousands of years, Stonehenge in southern England has fascinated scholars and tourists. While no one knows for sure what these stones were used for, some recent research shows they may have been used — at least to some extent — for healing.

Utah Valley has its very own little piece of Stonehenge healing located in the heart of Orem.

Stonehenge of Orem is a transitional care center that specializes in patients requiring a week to three weeks of rehabilitation before moving home after a stay in the hospital. Most patients are post-surgery patients requiring some help recovering from orthopedic procedures.

“Our patients are here for a while and then go home,” says Chris Yeates, administrator for Stonehenge of Orem. “We’re not a nursing home. We’re a place of transition between the hospital and the patient’s home.”

Stonehenge of Orem has been open for about a year and has already seen 350 patients check in and 350 patients leave the facility — equaling about one a day.

The staff at the facility engages patients in relatively intensive therapy and works hard to make the stay comfortable and still effective.

“Our staff meets with each patient and their family in what we call a ‘team meeting,’” Chris says. “The purpose is to develop a treatment plan — which includes a discharge plan — and make sure everyone gives their input and is on board.”

Those who attend the team meeting include the patient, his or her family, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, and other staff members involved in that patient’s recovery.

“We work hard to keep the patient and family involved in the decision making,” Chris says.

Stonehenge has 30 private rooms, each with its own bathroom, shower, television and phone line. The rooms are 400 square feet, meaning there’s room for private visitors to enjoy some time with loved ones.

Eighty full- and part-time employees work to get patients better and home — where they want to be. In a facility that can only house 30 patients, Stonehenge offers plenty of help to each person.

One area the facility prides itself on is its food. While facilities like this rarely receive positive comments on the food, Chris points out that a number of patients comment on the meals they received as a highlight of the stay.

435 W. Center Street, Orem • (801) 850-5454 •

Free Medical Advice: Patients and families should understand they have the choice in transitional care centers. Do your research before a surgery or other pre-planned hospital stay to make sure you have the right facility for you.

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